About AfriGay

AfriGay was created to bring gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and gender fluid people from around the world together for an exclusive and unique experience, in Africa!

Similar events and parties happen around the world, with huge success. It’s time to show the world what Africa is made of.

Engineered by The Travel & Event Company, a boutique agency based in South Africa, the experience promises 5 nights of relaxation, crazy activity, parties, cocktails, loads of fun and memories that will last a life time.

The experience will be made up of activities that suit everyone, of all ages – adults only, of course.

Parties with international DJ’s. Movies on the beach (a musical or two may even be included). Themed, exclusive dinners (including a Magical Ball on the Beach where you can dress up in drag if you wish, or anything that tickles your fancy). Early morning yoga & beach games with a gay touch. Meet and connect with iconic influencers. And so much more.

Whilst all activities will be hosted within the resort, you can choose to explore the island with external activities.

Chat to us to find out more.